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A sanctuary for busy minds and open hearts
State of Grace

"The universe is not outside of you.  Look inside yourself; everything that you want you already are." - Rumi

State of Grace Yoga, Meditation, and Energy Healing

State of Grace Yoga, Meditation, and Energy Healing is owned and operated by Debbie Major, Yoga Instructor, and Author.  She offers yoga instruction, meditation guidance, and energy healing. All levels of instruction and guidance are intended to support your personal journey to balance and healing.


Classes are currently offered in Debbie's home yoga studio.  Contact her for available times. 


Take time to connect to your inner sanctuary!

Debbie Major, EdD., CYT,

Yoga Instructor and Author  




Contact Debbie Major, Ed. D., CYT, Yoga Instructor and Author HERE. She will reply within 3 business days.

Loveland, Colorado

Updated 3/29/20