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I've been teaching yoga classes in Loveland, Colorado since 2012.   I've practiced yoga since 2002.  My first experience was a Hatha yoga class and it resonated so deeply that I was hooked. Every class I attended was an open door to new experiences.  As I reflect, it was probably the first time that I had felt the bliss of stillness and movement. This was the start of my journey as a yoga student and teacher. I've taken every opportunity to study with different teachers and during this journey, I decided to deepen my practice by studying to be a teacher.  My exposure to so many different teachers shaped my teaching style.  This journey began to shift from the physical and emotional essence of yoga to more spiritual over the years. Today, I embed the lessons I"ve learned in my spiritual journey into my classes. I help students to develop an awareness of their breath, body, and mind and to sit with the sensations of stillness as a precursor to movement. 

I love animals, gardening, running, meditating, and listening to music. I use my knowledge of breathwork and yoga to anchor myself in all areas of life. I am present and grounded when spending time with animals, friends, and family. I am connected to the rhythm of gardening and use my breath while being one with nature. I love to balance movement and stillness.  I observe the variations of these two elements while running, doing yoga, and meditating. I think importantly, music speaks to my soul and helps me to find a balance among all things.

I am a certified yoga instructor, an energy healer, and an author. 











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Loveland, Colorado

Updated 3/29/20