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Energy Healing 


About Energy Healing:

Energy healing is a universal practice that stimulates the body's subtle energy systems to clear blocks throughout the pathways of our systems. It consists of breaking through and disseminating the blocks that are present, essentially. This permits the body's inherent healing intelligence to do its job and clear a path for healing and overall wellbeing.

Energy healing is not limited to a physical space and therefore has no boundaries. We can send positive wishes and prayers that travel across the universe and therefore support energetic healing at any distance. Therefore, individuals do not need to be local to experience energy healing.

Our Work Together:

I have been doing energy work in the form of dowsing for eight years both remotely and locally. I most often work with clearing emotional energy that has become stuck and therefore prohibits the individuals from living a happy and at-ease life. Stuck emotional energy can also be at the core of some physical health concerns. My work with individuals identifies the emotion and where is it stuck in the energy system and then I clear it to open the system to flow naturally. My work helps individuals learn to let go, connect with their breath and body, and to move forward on your healing journey.  

I would love to help you with your journey.  I work with individuals via the phone or a Zoom conference call. If you are interested in scheduling a time to meet, please click on the Schedule an Appointment link below:



Contact Debbie Major, Ed. D., CYT, Yoga Instructor and Author HERE. She will reply within 3 business days.

Loveland, Colorado

Updated 3/29/20