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Dancer Pose

June 6th, 2021 by Debbie Major

Dancer Pose (Lord of the Dance Pose, Natarajasana, for the Sanskrit name). It is among my favorite yoga poses (I also love Half-Moon, Camel, and Up-Dog poses).  Dancer is a powerful pose and forces me to focus and connect my mind with my breath and body. I have to connect all three to find balance and this is essential because the Dancer requires me to balance on one leg while lifting my heart. I encourage students to lift their hearts up and forward to lengthen the spine and this helps them to balance. I always feel like I've explored my inner world a little deeper after I transition out of Dancer.

Meet Peggy! She is an AMAZING yoga student

Peggy is dedicated to her yoga practice and to finding balance in yoga through balance poses and heart openers. Her Dancer Pose is powerful and her focus (Drishti) observable. I am filled with gratitude to practice yoga with her.